University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Bulgaria

2016-05-25 11:21

For the sixth time this year Spaghetti Bridge competition was held at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Bulgaria. Five teams took part in the competition and the participants of the first three teams won cash prizes. The competition was held in two stages - first day, April 12, was the building of bridges and on April 13 - their testing. First is rated team "Ketchup" with deadweight of bridge 1200 g. And 200 kg load capacity.

The participants in the team are Ralitza Dzhenkova, Plamen Slavchev, Veselin Bakurdzhiev, Andrean Paronov and Ivan Vulchev. Here are some quotes, they shared about the competition "Spaghetti Bridge" and the adventure to be a part of team "Ketchup".

"I have learned Transportation Engineering for four years and I find it really interesting. In order to prepare for the competition we made three trial bridges. I am really excided about our participation in World Spaghetti Bridge 2016, because it means that our team has been devoted enough and that we have worked really hard too." - Andrean Paronov

"As soon as I saw the poster of the competition I loved the idea. I googled about it and I came across the world record. It was amazing and I could not believe how the spaghetti that we have dinner with can withstand such huge weight. This was the thing that lit the spark in me and encouraged me to participate." - Ivan Valchev

"This competition was a challenge for me, enough motivation to participate. Spaghetti bridge gave to my teem a non traditional way to use our knowledge from the University of architecture civil engineering and geodesy. It was something new and interesting, I learned many things and found good friends." - Ralitza Dzhenkova

"I decided to participate in the competition because I am very interested in designing structures and this is a good opportunity to apply what I've learned so far in the university. Last year me and my team participated in the competition and we came in third, so we were very motivated to participate this year again and win in. We've made several sample bridges this year and put in a lot of effort in preparing for the competition and the results were more than awesome - we won the competition and we did set the new university record with a load capacity of more than 200. I am also very excited about the opportunity to participate in the competition in Obuda as well and I hope that we will represent our university and country in the best possible way." - Plamen Slavchev

Ani Dikliovska